A practice theoretical approach on retail food waste - analysing waste causing practices in bread and bakery goods (pdf)
Lotta Alhonnoro

An examination of in-store locations and the likelihood for complementary purchases in grocery shopping (pdf)
Joel Ringbo

Brand personality vs. Retailer Brand Personality: An action figure or the customer in the store (not availble in pdf on the website)
Kaisa Lund

Can consumer advertising help get retail employees "on-board"? (pdf)
Sara Rosengren and Niklas Bondesson

Career development in retailing - equal opportunities for men and women (pdf)
Thomas Andersson, Ali Kazemi and Mikael Wickelgren

Caring about carrying: Retails' role in assisting their customers to perform consumer logistics (pdf)
Johan Hagberg and Ulrika Holmeberg

Certainty and overconfidence in future preferences (pdf)
Linda Thunström, Jonas Nordström and Jason Shogren

Changes in sugar consumption as a consequence of increased taxation (pdf)
Arni Sverrir Hafsteinsson and Emil B Karlsson

Closing the green gap: understanding why green consumers choose brown products (pdf)
Hugo Guyader, Mikael Orttosson and Lars Witell

Communication of a new retail concept - the effect of construal level theory and marketing signal theory on the attitudes and behaviour of retail customers (pdf)
Angelica Blom and John Karsberg

Configurations of strategy and marketing channels: A qualitative comparison analysis (QCA) in sporting goods retailing (pdf)
Johan Kask and Tobias Johansson

Consumer insight on affect intensity (pdf)
Magnus Roos

Consumers' value creating processes in distribution services for online shopping (pdf)
Annette Svingstedt, Daniel Hellström and Klas Hjort

Consuming corporations: Waste, distrust and unsustainable consumption in food manufacturing and retail (pdf)
Carl Yngfalk

CSR in retailing - coordinating corporate activities, store employers and consumers (pdf)
Ulf Elg and Jens Hultman

Cultural retail strategies go online: The socio.material scripts of e-tailing (pdf)
Christian Fuentes

Customer-based retailer brand equity (pdf)
Tony Apéria

Customers as human resources in retailing - towards customer-oriented HRM (pdf)
Ritva Höykinpuro and Hanna Salminen

Developing business models for online retailing - an empirical study (pdf)
Klas Hjort, Jens Hultman och Niklas Jonsson

Digital marketing strategies as practices of e-tailors (pdf)
Veronika Tarrnovskaya

Digitalization of retailing : Beyond e-commerce (pdf)
Johan Hagberg, Malin undström and Niklas Egels-Zandén

Diversity of private sustainability standards in food retailing and its implications for enabling sustainable marketplace (pdf)
Olga Chkanikova

Does self-scanning improve the productivity of grocery stores (pdf)
Mikael Hernant

Does shelf space management intervention in supermarkets have effect on total calorie turnover? (pdf)
Abdulfatah Adam, Jorgen Jensen, Iben Sommer and Gitte Hansen

Eco-design of shoes - by concurrently implementing a material index tool and joint capacity buildning (pdf)
Tomas Rydberg, Sara Alongi Skenhall, Lina Danielsson, Stefan Ryding, Linda Hedström and Ulrika Lindström

E-commerce with groceries - Mapping areas on research (pdf)
Frans Prenkert, Magnus Frostenson, Nina Hasche and Sven Helin

Educating consumers for increased profit or offering consumer value - an investigation on consumer attitudes toward QR-codes (pdf)
Malin Sundström and Anita Radon

Ethical shopping apps as market devices: Materialities, competences and moralities (pdf)
Christian Fuentes and Niklas Hansson

Fashion retail master data model and business development (pdf)
Harald Hovmöller och Torben Tambo

Firm relocation and firm performance - evidence from the Swedish wholesale and retail sector (pdf)
Zusana Macuchova

Food deserts in Sweden: Accessibility to retail in 1998 and 2008 (pdf)
Jan Amcoff, Anders Waxell and John Östh

Food involvement in choice of grocery store (pdf)
Elin Nilsson

From consumer behaviour to urban. On the role of retail in the development of cities (pdf)
Ola Thufvessom, Cecilia Fredriksson and Lena Eskilsson

Generation X - the unknown potential in the wellness market (pdf)
Anna-Maria Kohijoki, Heli Marjanen and Kaisa Saastamoinen

Integrating shopping experiences across customer touch points (pdf)
Fredrik Lange, Angelica Blom and Ron Hess

Internationalisation of retailing – embeddedness an business models (pdf)
Steve Burt, John Dawson and Ulf Johansson

Is the impact of IKEA entry on firm turnover varying with distance? (pdf)
Sven-Olof Daunfeldt, Oana Mihaescu, Helena Nilsson and Niklas Rudholm

Managing cosmetics technologies in dynamic environments (pdf)
Rikke Hundal Larsen and Torben Tambo

Measuring CO-emissions induced by online and brick-and-mortar retailing (pdf)
Kenneth Carling, Mengjie Han, Johan Håkansson, Xiangli Meng and Niklas Rudholm

Paradoxes in retail global sourcing - a literary review (pdf)
Erik Sandberg

Passion for work in retail (pdf)
Magdalena Petersson McIntyre

Promoting climate friendlier food choices in weekly grocery store flyers (pdf)
Sara Spendrup and Helene Tjärnemo

Retailers and innovation in the food sector: villains or caretakers of consumer interests? (pdf)
Lars Esbjerg, Steve Burt, Hannah Arnold and Vivianne Glanz-Chanos

Retailing and personalization technologies; drivers and barriers to enhance customer experience management (pdf)
Fransisco Valencia

Retailing and market accessibility (pdf)
Martin Öberg

Rich man, poor man: Customers' reactions to how they are categorized on the floor of the store (pdf)
Magnus Söderlund

Shopping factors that drive "true" multichannel shopping (pdf)
Fredrik Lange, Josefine Wallin and Christina Eckerrot

Shopping in cities in the future - consequences for retail (pdf)
Mikael Björn and Ulf Johansson

Similarities in choice orientation when buying groceries and speciality goods (pdf)
Meri Malmari

Smile for a while: Pleasure mediates the effect of employee-displayed smiling on customer satisfaction (not availble in pdf on the website)
Tobias Otterbring

Special displays as a tool for promotion and navigation (pdf)
Jens Nordfält, Dhruw Grewal and Anne Roggeveen

Supplier integration in category management (pdf)
Dabiel Ellström and Jakob Rehme

Sustainability strategy encounters consumer culture: Trade-offs in the case of Nudie Jeans Co (pdf)
Niklas Egels-Zandén

The data difference: How to use loyalty customers data to drive sales (pdf)
Linda Hellström

The meaning of front stage employees on-site (pdf)
Ritva Höykinpuro

The mediatisation of shopping: A conceptual framework for understanding and studying how shoppers use apps in retail environments (pdf)
Benjamin Hartmann, Hamid Jafari and Mart Ots

The pivotal role of shopping (pdf)
Michael Björn

The proof of the pudding: On space utilization in the retail practice and academia. A literature review and an exploratory study (pdf)
Jens Nordfält

The redistribution of competence in the pursuit of sustainable consumption - A case study of ethical mobile consumption apps (pdf)
Lena Hansson

The role of open book accounting i a supplier network: Creating and managing interdependencies across company boundaries (pdf)
Erik Alenius, Johnny Lind and Torkel Strömsten

The role of perceptual alignment between multiple stakeholders: effects on satisfaction, commitment and turnover growth in Swedish retail stores (pdf)
Kaj-Dac Tam

The shopper's first impression: Immediate visibility of the store employee and its impact on store evaluations (pdf)
Magnus Söderlund and Peo Eriksson

The use of shopping lists by Generation Y consumers in grocery shopping (pdf)
Alexandre Arnaud, Alexandra Kollman and Adele Berndt

Walk the talk of sustainable business practices? - the case of ICA and its UN global compact membership (pdf)
Jörgen Wettbo and Jens Hultman

What are the consumer-related facilitators and barriers for coupon use in a coupon-virgin market? The case of the Danish FMCG market (pdf)
Birger Boutrup Jensen, Kasper Bach and Kasper Vestergaard

Who Shops like I do? Shopper identities and shopping approaches among grocery store customers (pdf)
Anne Mägi and Jonas Gunnarsson

Visual attention for pictures of people in retail environments (not availble in pdf on the website)
Annika Lindström and Hanna berg