Anthology of NRWC 2010

Centre for Retailing (CFR) is working on the anthology of chosen papers from the Nordic Wholesale and Retail Conference 2010. The reading of the papers and the process of choosing papers for the anthology started in the end of December. The criteria for being considered have been:

  • That the paper was presented at NRWC 2010
  • That it was a full paper, not just an abstract
  • That the issue was current/interesting/relevant – some papers has also been chosen because the researchers have used an interesting method
  • That the chapters of the anthology together should present the broad spectra of research that is being done in the Nordic countries

In February 2011 the authors of the chosen papers received the question on whether they wanted to participate in the anthology. Since respective author has revised their texts and once again handed them to the responsible editor at CFR.

The remaining work is further revisions, editorial work and finally going to press. The anthology will be published in May 2012.

Below there is a list of the papers (with a preliminary title) that will be a part of the anthology:

But if you are poor the sausage is damned cheap – Consumer strategies of coping with dilemmas in food choice
Authors: Maria Frostling-Henningsson, Martin Hedbom and Ludvig Thuresson, University of Stockholm

Does retail chain satisfaction rub off on other retail chains?
Authors: Magnus Söderlund and Hanna Berg, Stockholm School of Economics

Comparative study on the grocery shopping behaviour and experiences of the elderly in Finland and Northern Ireland
Author: Anna-Maija Kohijoki, University of Vaasa

The virtual store On selling, risk, and trust on Tradera
Author: Cecilia Fredriksson, University of Lund, Campus Helsingborg

From self-service to self-marketing: on curiosity devices and market agency
Author: Frank Cochoy, University of Toulouse

Sutured and sundered The order-productive chohort of carsons, mophonkers, and other hybrids visiting a petrol station
Author: Daniel Normark, Karolinska Institutet

Retail rage: incidents, triggers and frontline tactics
Author: Nicklas Salomonson, University of Borås

Predictors of service climate and intention to quit in Swedish retail
Authors: Kerstin Isaksson and Agneta Brav, Mälardalen University

Adjusting Classic Marketing Lenses on Retail Supply Chain Management: Revisiting Postponement and Speculation
Authors: Hamid Jafari, Anna Nyberg, Susanne Hertz, Jönköping International Business School

The role of packaging suppliers in food innovations in Sweden
Authors: Märit Beckeman and Annika Olsson, Lund University

The Role of buying Groups in Retail Logistics
Authors: Mats Abrahamsson, Jakob Rehme, Erik Sandberg, Olle Olsson, Linköping University

Does higher sales volume of retail stores imply higher profitability?
Authors: Mikael Hernant and Claes-Robert Julander, Stockholm School of Economics

From Cinderella to Prince Charming: Two decades of practice and research in international retailing
Author: John Dawson, University of Edinburgh Business School

The Internationalization process of Swedish Fashion Firms: A Dynamic Capability Perspective
Authors: Marissa Ekdahl and Katarina Lagerström, University of Gothenburg

Trip segments and the geography of the home area – Evidence from Danes’ cross-border shopping in Germany
Author: Susanne Bygvrå, Syddansk University

The halo effect in the consumers’ inferences about the social context of retail environments. A cross-cultural exploration
Authors: Ari Huukha, Martti Laksoonen and Heli Laksoonen, University of Vaasa

Shaping the exchange practices in green e-tailing: consumer involvement in the Swedish food sector
Author: Ingrid Stigzelius, Stockholm School of Economics

Corporate responsibility practices among Swedish retailers – contrasting chains and single stores in view of the resource-based view
Authors: Anna Blombäck and Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson, Jönköping International Business School

Understanding internal processes for sustainability in retail: Corporate disclosure or concealment?
Authors: Magnus Frostensson, Sven Helin and Johan Sandström, Uppsala University